January 30, 2016

Macarons + The Mind The Heart

For Christmas a friend of mine got me a gift card for a Macaron shop near me 
and I finally picked up my box of treats!

This shop has 3 locations.  The one I went to was at Hughes Landing in The Woodlands.  If you have never been to Hughes Landing, it is much like The Market Street Woodlands, CityCentre, Sugarland Town Square, and Rice Village.  If you are unfamiliar with all these areas, just picture a gorgeous landscape of shops, restaurants, and walkways. 

The the adventure did not end here. I had to grab lunch as well and since I was in the area, 
of course I had to stop at my favorite sushi restaurant, Uni Sushi.

When the waiter brought out my tea, he placed this cute tea cup in front of me! 
Simple things make me smile.

I definitely needed a meal like this, especially after
the adolescent dinner I had the night before with my two little humans. 

They ran around with tickets and tokens, while I got pizza wasted!

The Heart

How true is this to you?
For me, it's about 85% accurate.

My mind only replays what my heart still carries hope and affection for.  I can feel affection for someone but, not have hope of a positive future or have plans of even an impending future.   Therefore, unless I feel that you have longevity with me, my thoughts of you will not be on repeat.   My mind has learned to shut out those figments and store any relating memories in the far back of my mind, only to come out when needed.

January 26, 2016

Working + Women's Logic

For the most part, I like being busy.  I like working, organizing, planning, researching, problem solving, strategy building, all of the above.  And although, I do not seek it, I greatly like being recognized and appreciated for my hard work and achievements.

MY THOUGHTS: (For Laughs)
Women's Logic

I think I've mentioned it before...women are crazy, I have no excuses for us.
Sometimes we expect men to pick up on our subtle, non-obvious hints.
So here, let me help some of you fellas out for future reference. 

(100% guaranteed to work 47% of the time)

If she looks at you; Say Hi
If I doesn't look at you; Say Hi

If you are enjoying her company; Buy her a drink
If she insists on paying for her own drink; Buy her a drink

If she's hungry; Offer food
If she's not hungry; Offer food

If she shows interest; Tell her she's pretty
If she doesn't show interest; Tell her she's pretty

If your phone rings; Ignore it and apologize for the disturbance
If her phone rings; Give her a second of privacy

If she leans towards you; Embrace her, she wants you to hold her
If she leans towards you; Don't embrace her, she's just preparing you for the friend zone 

If she hasn't sent you a picture; Don't ask for one, you may offend her
If she hasn't sent you a picture; Ask for one, you may offend her

If you are confused; Don't ask, you may frustrate her
If you are confused; Ask, she may give you perspective

If she says everything is fine; Accept it, she's okay
If she says everything is fine; comfort her and figure out what you did wrong

Good Luck Gentleman!

January 24, 2016

Pocah Boots + Creeper

Code name: Pocah

Sometimes the braided pig-tails are necessary.

I love boot weather! It only last about 2 months here in Texas but, I take full advantage of it!


Hey, I am not ashamed to admit when I am doing "research".
Sometimes, I just want to get the heads up so I know what questions I need to ask!
Judge me not; I'm just being honest.

Sidebar: If you are dating a lot of people in a short span of time then I definitely will have a few preconceived thoughts of you...You shouldn't have been a hoe! You should have been preserving yourself for greatness...ME!..I'm just kidding, I know some people do not like to be single or need a form of romantic companionship but, I do take into consideration how many relationships you've had in a year's time.

Yet, on most days, I'm too busy for the nonsense anyway...

January 13, 2016

Butterfly + Adventures in Rice

My daughter, Vanessa, is darling.  Her name means "butterfly". 
Over the years of watching her grown, I am more confident I chose the right name for her. 

She brought home her mid term report card the other day and made A/B honor roll, plus perfect attendance.  I asked her if she wanted me to reward her by putting money into her bank account or going out to eat.  She stated that she would rather go eat since I would be spending just as much on her meal anyway. 


Dinner costed over double than what I would have deposited in her account.  
Yet, I will not complain because she deserved it.

Before our Barnes & Noble run, we had dinner at her favorite sushi place.  
The picture below is only a portion of what we ordered.

Adventures in Rice

My friend was hosting a Bikram Yoga event on a Saturday morning and although I am open to fitness, I am not yet open to Yoga but, I did go show my support!  (P.S.- When the ladies were getting out of the 90 minute class, they were dripping with sweat!...Yeah, definitely not ready for that.)

So instead of me doing Yoga, I opted to decide on food....

Thai Food 

We ate at a nearby restaurant called Morningside Thai.  I was a bit disappointed that they did no have Som Tum (spicy green papaya salad) but, the red curry settled my frowning.  And although, this was supposed to be the only stop for the day, I coaxed my friend into spending a few hours of girl time with me before heading home....

We headed to Rice Village (Houston, TX)

For those whom are unfamiliar with the area, it's a collage area in walking distance of Rice University.  There are small boutiques, cafes, bars, specialty shops, etc.

See the post about the boutique I went to in Rice Village HERE

Anytime I am in the area, I must stop at Chocolat Du Monde to pick up a box of my favorite Belgian chocolates, Leonidas.

Afterwards, my friend and I strolled for some time, went into a few interesting stores, and came across Celebrity Cupcakes....there are no words to explain the delicious creaminess of the frosting.

Then of course it was time for some substantial food, so CoCo Crepes & Waffles it was!

I ordered the chicken and spinach with mushrooms crepe and I did not expect much of it, I just needed to suppress my appetite but...Honey! When I took that first bite! My food soul sang a harmony!

January 8, 2016

Studying + Not Much Change

I've been diving more and more into stabilizing my personal finances and making the most of my down time.  Which means, reading, researching, note taking, no late outings, sitting up in bed until 2am....such is life.

Also, I have the Samsung Note 5 and did not know 
I had all these extra features with the camera app!!!
*P.S. - I LOVE these candies! My friend gave me a box...yes, a WHOLE box...of these and I am down to the last one. Tears.

Not Much Change

I made this video about 2 years ago.  I was responding to an email someone sent me about why I will continue to be single if I do not make certain changes with myself....

My hair was nice right?
Welp, for the most part, I still think this way and as far as being single...

January 1, 2016

New Plans + More Answers

This lovely woman right here, Erin Creeks, is the founder of the Women's Social Group, MsIndependent.  She maintains the business website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts for the group and on top of all that, she in constantly taking meetings, networking, and planning events for the women of Houston.  This lady is AWESOME!

As part of preparing for the new year, Erin and I did a little photo shoot for both of our websites: 

We took over 400 pictures, so it is going to take a bit of time to go through all of them and incorporate the ones we like into our business plans.  Here are just a few...

More Answers

I love all my readers, I really do.
But, can I just be single and we all be okay with it?

I do not have a definitive answer on all the Whys and Hows of my life and I LOVE that you guys take interest in it!  As far as the 'single' part of my life, if you have not noticed, it is a sensitive topic.  Not sensitive to where I have an issue with it but, sensitive to a point that I know not everyone will understand it.  I keep saying I am preparing myself but, in a recent self-reflection, I am not sure how much more I need to prepare or what exactly I need to prepare for.

I really do not know what being "ready" looks like or feels like but, what I do know is that I want to be able to step into a relationship comfortably and, Heaven forbid, it is fails, then I can still step out of it comfortably.  I am not sure what this means in my growth and transition but, the right one will see me through it and on top of all that, I am leaving it to the man to approach me about a relationship.  Some may not agree with me on this but, for him to be my partner, my love, my life, and his support, I need him to begin the relationship in Lead.  A woman may be able to control a lot but, the man controls the path to a significant union.

Here is snippet of a new project I will be working on in 2016. 
"The Styled Single Mind"

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