May 30, 2016

Curls + Brunch

Be in Love with Life. 

I challenged Houston's humidity with my hair....I failed.  
But, it was nice while it lasted!


Do you ever recall as a child hearing your mother say that she was going to meet up with her friends for a late morning meal.  Or even going out with your friends for an early afternoon meal?  I am not sure where the concept of brunch came from but, I like it.  In the last few years, I have 'brunched' a lot!  That 11am-1pm time frame is just perfect to have a breakfast-lunch combination meal.  My father pokes fun of the idea and calls it "fancy" while my kids consider it fun with mom and my friends consider it girl talk time.  I love it all the same.

 Brio Tuscan Grille:
My kids are not yet at the age where they get excited about a hole in the wall Indian Restaurant but, they are at an age where they like to try different foods and be out of the house with me.

I always pass up Brio because it is a chain restaurant and there is nothing extremely special about the menu.  The other times I have dined here was due to someone else's planning. Although I do not have any complaints and the food is good. I do leave here pleased each time.

Lobster Bisque
Lobster and Crab Cake 

 This is a quaint little place hidden in Rice Village but, boy is the food good!  My friends and I gathered for some fresh plates.

Lox & Avocado Toast
Lemon Pudding Cake

May 24, 2016

Birthday Weekend + Cuisine Crawl

Over the weekend, I celebrated moving one step further in my 30's.

Above was my Saturday look and below is the Sunday look...

On Sunday, my friends and I celebrated at TopGolf and they surprised me with a beautiful cheesecake and vodka infused strawberries! 

Cuisine Crawl
presented by: MsIndependent

To kick off my birthday weekend, I did a Cuisine Crawl in CityCentre. All the restaurants were in walking distance which was great due to all the drinking that was allotted to us!
We sampled food and drinks from....

1st stop: Radio Milano
Cory and Tim were our bartenders and they were AMAZING! They each made us custom drinks. They asked us what type of liquor we preferred and and if we wanted sweet, sour, or spicy, then they did their magic!  It was great since I don't much enjoy hard liquor or the taste of strong alcohol, so it was refreshing to have a bartender know how to make the perfect drink for your taste buds. We also got samples of their smaller plates.  The manager, Doug, brought out their Milao Pizza and another dish that wasn't on the menu.  It was heaven! Doug even invited us to come back after the Crawl to sample more cocktails!  Hey, who is to say no to that!

2nd Stop: Straits
This is an Asian inspired restaurant. (I was also told that rapper, Ludacris, had part ownership of this restaurant in Atlanta.)  They gave us 3 different samples of rice, curry, and meats. Jasmine rice with red curry, Chicken rice with green curry, and coconut rice with yellow curry. I fell in LOVE with the coconut rice that is made with coconut milk (far right)...hmmmm, I'll have to try that when I make my rice.  In fact, the dish was so good, that when some of the girls and I went back to Radio Milano for more drinks on Sunday, we ordered the coconut rice dish and the chef, Big John, hand delivered it to us at the bar! Talk about great service!! 

3rd Stop: Grub Burger
I always pass up this place thinking it's just another basic burger shop...I was so WRONG!  All their bread, meats, and sauces are made in house.  The owner, Steve, gave us the story of how Grub Burger started and we got to sample the Guacapotle Burger, Pesto Turkey Cobb Salad, and the Luau Fries.

4th Stop: Seasons 52
This restaurant uses all fresh ingredients and the menu changes with every season.  Here, we were served Lamb, Scallops, and 2 different Flatbreads. The Lamb was my favorite; it was very tender and greatly seasoned.

5th Stop: Fellini Gelato and Caffe
Lastly was desserts.  The Chef came out to greet us and the best part was he ONLY spoke in Italian.  The ladies and I enjoyed him just as much as the Chocolate Gelato, the Cannoli, and the Lemon Chocolate Biscuit.

I tremendously enjoyed myself on this Cuisine Crawl.
I was impressed by all of the places we stopped at!

...and then I wanted dinner.  My friends gave me the evil look when I mentioned more food...hey, we need dinner don't we?  So we went off to Ra Sushi.

After dinner, we hopped over to Houston Improv and saw DL Hughley.  He's a funny man....a funny man indeed. 

A wonderful birthday weekend for sure!

May 13, 2016

Crawfish + Affairs

What's a woman without her pearls? (and a Tranformers t-shirt.)

Moving on...

I did not know about crawfish until I came to Texas.  It seem like so much work just for a quick thrill...much like a man...(Just kidding.  Sorry, had to throw that in there!)  Apparently, it's a southern epidemic!  My friends have taught me the ways to the crawfish!!!  We recently ventured to Crawfish & Noodle in Chinatown........The sauce that these things are marinated in is the BUSINESS!  It's flavorful and really spicy!


My friend sent me this video and demanded I be still and watch....after, I asked him...

"Are you telling me you are having an affair sir?"

Lol..I was kidding with him. He's a good guy.

I watched it and agree for the most part. 

We can feel "trapped" in our marriages or relationships that a part of us wants to 'escape' but, still need to feel a sense of being wanted in the same aspect of how it was when we began seeing our spouse/gf/bf.  In a relationship, we are held to a higher regard with a level of expectation because we have to consider someone else, our's not just me, myself, and I.

So even though is it a human instinct to feel these 'urges' and act upon does not make the action right or justified.

Could I have been a better partner to my ex? Yes, I am not perfect, I could have loved him more, been more supportive, and more attentive to his needs.  He could have also did the same and there are many other things that resorted to our demise but, does that excuse his actions of putting our relationship aside to fulfill his want to have someone look at him as a monarch? No.  Wrong decision making leads to bad actions which further lead to the end of what may have been.
Oh well *Kanye shrugs*

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May 9, 2016

Foodie + Which -pendent?

I have noticed in the last 4 years, my weight has fluctuated between 135lbs and 150lbs.  In the past year, it has been more on the 150 side.  I blame it all on Houston.  You may have seen some food mentions in my other posts; Houston has made me fall in love with food all over again.  This city is a melting pot of different cultures that you can really find any type of food.  I just need to learn to be more moderate with my intake......boooooo.

Coco Crepes
Kona Grill
Torchy's Tacos
Torchy's Tacos
Noodle & Company
Noode & Company
Crawfish & Noodles
Crawfish & Noodles
Uni Sushi
Uni Sushi
Bombay Pizza

Which -pendent?

Are you independent, codependent, or dependent?

Many times, in relationships we can be categorized as codependent or dependent simply because we rely on someone else to help our lives become easier or more fulfilling...but why can we not be in a relationship and still be independent? 

Oh because I am independent, I must be single?

No, being independent does not necessarily mean that we do not need a partner, it means we can make due with our lives without one and still be stable, comfortable, and happy.  But, codependency and dependency can trickle in from time to time because, yes, in a relationship we do convey a level of responsibility and expectation on someone else.  Does that mean we become less independent? No.  It means we have learned to communicate with someone else other than ourselves to create and maintain homeostasis....which is a form of codependency and there is nothing wrong with that if you and your partner equally rely on one another.  The problem only lies when one becomes dependent on their partners.  Many women fall into this hole but, if they are comfortable with being solely dependent on their husband for everything; any and all things that require sustenance and substance, then who am I to tell these women that their way of life is putting women in a backwards spiral?  To each her own. An independent person can truly maintain contentment without another being.

"I don't NEED you but, I WANT you in my life because I enjoy you and like how you make me feel."

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