August 25, 2016

Royal Caribbean Cruise 2016

Our family cruise this year was on the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, Liberty of the Seas Ship.

We sailed out of Galveston, TX with 3 port days....

Here is what to expect on a Cruise
*Note: Some ships do not have all these features but will offer something comparable 

Several restaurants to choose from, formal and non
Plenty of Bars
A Casino
Designer and Logo Shops with Daily Specials
Many Raffels
Ship Tours
Chef's Table Dining options
Kids Club
Teen Lounge
Great Gym
Full Spa
Rock Climbing Wall
Shuffleboard Pool
Kiddie Pools
Hot Tubs
Jogging Track
Sun Deck
The features are just ENDLESS!

I barley saw my children after they learned about the kids club.  The ages are separated so all the kids are not just thrown in one room and the hosts provide fun activities to entertain your children while you head to the gym, a show....or the know, because you're a responsible parent. 😎

The food was mediocre to great. In the main dining area, you have a buffet of assorted foods for breakfast, lunch and dinner, American, Indian, Asian, etc.  For the most part, I went for the salads and seafood because I'm doing this whole fitness healthy bs. (-___-)...but some nights, I DID NOT pass on desserts!

Usually on ships, there are two designated formal nights for dinner or you can be classic and dress up each night for dinner in the one of the formal dining halls...I saw many people go all out with dinner gowns and 3 piece suits! 

The first formal night, I wore an already seen dress from New York & Company.  My kids did not join me for dinner since they wanted to make friends and go off with them. (-___-)

But with the second for formal night, I DEMANDED them to come...even though they didn't stay, whachu gonna do.

Aren't my babies looking so innocent! Lol.
My dinner dress for this night was from Nordstrom.

And usually by the time dinner is over, your stateroom has been cleaned with a towel animal waiting to greet you. I named the little guy below, Filipe!

We stopped at 3 ports, Honduras, Costa Maya, Mexico, and Cozumel, Mexico. 

I could do without seeing Honduras again, it was very overbearing considering all the locals wanting your attention, primarily for a cost and they are not apologetic about it.

The Mexican ports were nice with good shops you can haggle prices at...never accept the first price...I did not venture out too long at each stop.  You can opted to do excursions which you can purchase before the cruise or while you are sailing.  They offer cave diving, snorkeling, swimming with Dolphins, and so much more!

For the most of the cruise, I was left to my own devices, which many of you should know, I do not mind at all!  I love my alone time and there are so many people on the ship that you end up making acquaintances each day.  So there is really no downfall to family does it every year.  My father sometimes cruises twice a year.  << I want to be like this man when I grow up!

Now....who's coming with me on the next one!!

August 10, 2016

Pinky + Clinging

Seller: Bigyonger
Best Part: POCKETS!


We do tend to hold on to the memories, thoughts, feelings, and gestures of a person or relationship even though, these things may not be good for our aura. We hold on because we want for something to change or to have that same happy moment again but, unfortunately we cannot control the change in others, only ourselves. 😔

Have you ever stayed in a relationship longer than you should have?  Why?
Because the person you once loved with all their flaws has now become the person you can't stand?
You must learn to let go.....and Let Live.

Yes, people do change but, that doesn't mean they grow. And people mostly change for benefit of themselves not necessarily for others.  😒...but this notion should not always be frowned upon.

I made changes over the years that help me to progress and succeed as an individual.  Some of my changes have made me "seem" heartless but, really, I'm just more enthusiastic and focused on my future.

In a different aspect, people may change to better find ways to "manipulate" others.  Finding better ways to hide secrets or learning other outlets to get only their needs met...selfishness

Just because you spent a lot of time "investing" in someone, doesn't mean it is a good investment.  Sometimes you have to count your losses and allow better means to be presented in your life.

August 4, 2016

Sirena + Phone Order + Fitness

My new beau, SIRENA, not to be confused with Serena, even though pronounced the same. 
'Serena' is of Serenity, meaning tranquil and calm.

No, my SIRENA is of the Sirens. 
In Greek Mythology, the Sirens were enchanted women who lured men to their inevitable doom.

*This is not to say that my purpose is to see men in their most feeble and weakened state, no, I just like the allure of the myths. 

But, let me tell you about this 2017 Chevy Equinox that is equipped with WiFi!  I am still on the trial period so, the feature is free until January 2017 yet, after that it is on $20 a month for 4GB.  Plus, I was unaware of this before, GM launch an OnStar App several years ago which links to the information in your car.  From the app, you can lock/unlock, auto start, send Navigation info and view the diagnostics of your vehicle!  Tell me that's not DOPE!  Of course I am also on the trail period for the OnStar services for 6 months but, from now until then, when I am traveling, I can just use the app on my phone to look up where I am going and send the address to my car which will then allow the OnStar turn-by-turn navigation to lead the way!  

And depending on how useful OnStar service are for me in the next 6 months, I may consider getting a subscription.  I opted out of it before because I figure it was just a waste but, time will tell!

Phone Order

Speaking of apps, I utilize many of them to help organize my day/week/month...and to keep track of me retail problem...shhh.... The 5 screenshots below are of each of my phone screen pages.  I categorize my apps into separate folders.  There are widgets for my Money Manager, Stocks, Notes, Calendar, and Emails. I set up alerts to remind me of meeting, appointments, and 'to-do' items.  A good amount of time is spent looking a my phone for multiple reasons....No, I do not have Pokemon Go...

I like to stay busy but, with that needs order.  With so many things going through my mind, I can forget an appointment, miss the chance to make a call, overlook an email, or not respond to a text message.  I need my SMART phone to help me get through my day!

I also carry a notebook and agenda book with me to jot down things when appropriate.


So I have a Fitness Trainer. So far, we've done 3 sessions.

1st session, I complained THE ENTIRE TIME.

2nd session, it was a group session so I couldn't kick and scream as much and this time we were OUTSIDE....YES, OUTSIDE IN THIS HOUSTON HEAT! But, before the workout, I went to McDonald's and got a crispy chicken sandwich. Judge if you want to, I was hungry and that was the closest thing around.

3rd session, another group session and outside McDonald's this time. I did stop by Whole Foods and got some watermelon before hand. I did a little complaining but, I also wasn't pushing as hard as I could, and since it was a group session, my trainer had others to divert his focus on. 😆)

Let's not forget to mention that this month is also restaurant month in Houston where selected restaurants put together 2 to 4 course meals for breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner at a special price. I feel like I should be selective of my meals and portions....but, we shall see.




August 2, 2016

Lawless + SoXial Chix

I don't follow fashion rules when wearing white.  It's one of my favorite colors to wear.
This outfit is a bit unique.  It is actually 2 pieces from 2 separate outfits.

The left picture is the one piece dress that I tucked the top part down to make a skirt.
Then I used the top of the second look to complete the style.

SoXial Chix

I made new connections with the two vibrant women of SoXial Chix, Kiki & Shi.
They host a web show on YouTube.  They discuss topics pertaining to women, social media news, men, relationships, and tie in their own thoughts.

Over the weekend, they invited me and several other ladies for a Bohemian theme dinner party celebrating "Us"...Women.  (I wore the above look to the event.)

The layout was just gorgeous with floor seating, woven rugs, decorative pillows, and colorful place mats.  The room was full of energetic and passionate women who discussed topics of men, dating, sex, and first loves.  Everyone was open to share their thoughts and was non-judgmental to others whom shared their stories...some stories were more than what I was prepared for! But it was all in good nature...There definitely was plenty of reminiscing and laughs throughout the night!

A few business cards were exchanged at the end and plans for another gathering was mentioned.

We even got to take home the pillows as a Thank You gift.  How great is that?!

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