2017 Pheonix

The Phoenix is a bird from Greek Mythology that rises from the ashes of its predecessor.
The bird signifies 'new' or 'rebirth'...the start.

With 2016 burned away, 2017 looks good and I have great feelings about it.  I do not have any major plans, other than to keep on my trail of success but, I believe this year has a few interesting surprises for me.  What about you?  Anything fresh in the works for your new year?

  I spent the first part of my day with my 2 offspring.  We had brunch at Brio...

...then headed to Barnes & Noble.

Thereafter, I got ready for dinner with a few girlfriends at Radio Milano...



a different kind of Creme brule

We also had foi gras, grilled squid, and fried duck.
Everything was amazing!


I did a few changes to the website this year.  Changed the domain from TheStyledMa to LoveRaya and I recently added a feature to enter your email to receive new posts in your inbox.

Here are some of the popular posts of 2016:

Happy 2017 Everyone!

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