Girls Rule!

If you have been hiding under a rock, then you did not know that January 21, 2017 was the National Women's March to let Big Government know we will not be pushed aside and silenced!  I could not have been more proud of women than when I saw how many of us came together, all across the nation, to be seen and heard!  The speeches were uplifting and motivational.  Men even came out to show support and the custom signs all around were astonishing!

This march follows the 2017 Inauguration of Pr. Donald Trump, which did not really draw much crowds but, I digress.  I won't go into politics, I JUST WANT YOU TO KNOW THAT WOMEN GOT THIS AND YOU AIN'T SH*T! 😝

We are the mothers of generations past, present, and future.  Don't control my choices, don't control my health, and don't you dare control my daughter.  I. GOT. THIS!

(The only person I would want to man-handle me is my husband when we're...nvmd. 😏)

So think PINK! 
TOP: New York & Co. PANTS: Express CLUTCH: Banana Republic

On the same day of the march, I attended an event called "Women and Technology" hosted by Ameerah Saine of Brunch and Slay, where business minded women came together and discussed the tech tools they use to excel in their fields.

Guest speakers shared their knowledge...

A poet came to inspire and motivate...

And Apple representatives were present to discuss products. (No, I did not cross over, this is where the event was held, at an Apple store. Still Team SAMSUNG!) 

I saw some familiar faces and met some new ones as well!

And I also want to mention that I am connected with some of the DOPEST women in Texas!  Women who are entrepreneurs, business minded, whom volunteer, travel, pray, are goal oriented, warmhearted, supportive, and positive!  Not all of us are petty and catty against each other, there are many of us who collaborate well together!



I ended my female charged weekend with brunch at Breakfast Brunch Cafe in Cypress, TX.

Gulf Fish Tacos

Pig in a Pasty

Coffee with a side of Cheesecake

This was the second time I dined here and just as the first time, the service was exceptional.  You can see photos of my first visit HERE

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