What is Dating?

What is Dating?

We are revisiting this topic again because the idea of dating seems to continually change.  It was once considered just 2 people exclusively seeing one another romantically, now it is more like a free for all of anyone who looks your way, so it has become more like a hobby to some people.  At least protect yourself if your just going to be out there sharing your goods.

Even now in the new year, I am still not interested in dating, because my idea of it is very traditional and I have not come across very many traditional men...but what is 'traditional'?  I would like for a man to understand or at least want to understand my life...understand that my time is valuable and that I cannot always entertain simple pleasures.  Understand that my history has built me to be cautious of every decision I make.  Understand that at any giving moment I will change all my plans for my children.  Understand that if he is not adding more substance in my life than I cannot and will not consider him in any romantic or financial manner. (*I mention finances because relationships can strive or fail at the presence of monetary choices.)

I am very hard on men who first met me and I'm designed that way for reason.  You will not excite me with everyday text messages or calls.  You will not get quick responses if you call me sweetheart or gorgeous. Unless we live together or already in a committed relationship, why do I need to see about you everyday?  What new things do I need to talk to you about if my day was the same as yesterday and why would I give you so much detail about my life or my thoughts so early on?  And every woman is gorgeous.  I don't want you to compliment my appearance, I want you to learn my spirit and compliment my soul.  Because I can guarantee you, I am so much more than how I look.

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Wow, I realized, this year, I am 5 years single.  Well, 7 years mentally single. 
Cheers to women who escaped and made themselves a new life!

Below is brunch with the kids at Del Frisco's Grill.

..and why do I need to look for dates when I have these two goobers? 💕

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