Southern Hospitality #Bama

Sometimes, you meet people who imprint on your life and begin to find connections with entities that connect with them.  All imprints are a lesson and some imprints continue to add impressions onto your timeline.

My life in Texas has really opened my world to this unusual thing called, "Southern Hospitality".  Houston itself is a melting pot of people from all over the US and the world yet, what's interesting is when I meet true southern people.

I do not know much about Alabama other than driving through Mobile one time and getting stuck in f**king traffic for 5, 6 hours! WTF!

But, I have made some friends from Alabama who've imprinted upon my life.

I made my first unexpected friend from Alabama almost 2 years ago.  It was a gentleman whom did not allow me to simply disregard him.  I was my usual self, blunt and abrasive but, my Northern persona didn't offend his Southern Hospitality. 

Initially I thought, What's wrong with this dude? He must like being abused.  Realistically, it is more so, What's wrong with me and why am I so guarded and quick to automatically deflect people? 

Somehow, this Alabama man and I created a unique friendship at which most people wouldn't understand it...but what is for me to understand, isn't for you to understand.

I can identify that I am a little different from others in the sense I do not see relationships, infatuation, or even love the same way as mainstream society depicts it.  I see what makes most sense to me.

I think of my own friends, all from different backgrounds, experiences, neighborhoods, and countries.  We have collectively made a connection with one another because of small similarities that caught our interest but, bigger differences that keep us in each others' lives. 

Our friends are the family that we get to choose.  I inadvertently made so many varying arrays of friendships that my circle is as diverse as my persona.  I love it.

- Love Raya


So you'd be surprised where I got this outfit at....Forever21!
Yup, you read it correctly.  The hipster store that targets size zero tweens.  I went in because I had a store credit when I returned something for my daughter a few months back.  I figured I'd just pick up a few cute scarves or socks but, nope.  I went in and became trapped with the prices!

What turns me away from the store isn't just rail thin models; the place is massive and always seems disorganized with misplaced items everywhere.  The sales racks are atrocious and the regular racks are over stuffed with confusion but, I entertain the retailer a few times a year.

My Look:  The dress was $12.99 and the duster was on sale for $3.90!!!  Yet, what I am most impressed with is the material of both garments.  It's not thin and doesn't feel 'cheap'...although, I am going to be conscious of how wash these...Plus, the dress is simple enough for me to dress up or, as you can see, dress down.  This still doesn't convince me to become an avid Forever21 shopper though.

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Anonymous said…
And there she is....the beauty that teases the world. A true southern natured man would be good for you. But you can't always be guarded, we get tired of trying if a woman is always pushing away.

But in some of your posts, you say that you don't even want to date anyone. How is a man supposed to know what he lines he cannot cross? And how is he supposed to know when to take the next step with you if you are not willing to let him in?

You can continue to be all about your professional life but, at some point you should consider making room for someone who supports your ambitions and the only change he'd want is for you to love him the same.

Think about it.
Anonymous said…
And I liked your honesty about using men after your divorce. it's understandable with what you went through in your last relationship and what's better is that you got that out of the way. Trust me, no man wants a woman who is too active with a lot of men. Especially if she is a certain age.

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