NOLA: Phoneless Mardi Gras Edition

This is a sad, sad blogger post. 

During my time on New Orleans for Mardi Gras, I somehow managed to lose my phone.  I thought my pictures were already backed up to Google Photos because they usually automatically do that but, sadly no.....

I did not take many pictures of the festivities per say.  It was more of the city, the food, and live street entertainment.  Interestingly enough, even with Mardi Gras going on, it did not overshadow the beauty and culture of New Orleans.  I had been to NOLA one time before but, that trip was of special circumstances and arrangements, to which I very much enjoyed also. 

Below were the only 2 photos I was able to recover. 😬😞

*If any of my readers know how to recover photos from a now lost and turned off phone, please email me. PLEASE! I have so many good shots of more food, street art, and of my friends whom were with me.*

Above, my friends and I found this little gem called NOLA Cookery on 205 Bourbon St.  We ended up here because we wanted oysters and the other restaurants had long lines.  No, we were hungry NOW!  What's wonderful about being in a city that makes great food is that everywhere you eat, will have GREAT FOOD!  So, NOLA Cookery was amazing, we actually ended up there a few times during our stay.  What's pictured is the crawfish etouffee.  I asked for more rice and a side of greens. I also ordered a dozen raw oysters, plus we had fried catfish and dessert to go.  Don't judge, we were on vacation! 😀

Funny Side Note: Our waiter, Chris, kept calling me 'baby'.  I was a little taken back because I feel it odd to use terms of endearment with strangers.  I began to joke with my friends about it, telling them, "If he keeps calling me baby, then he's gonna need to buy me a drink.  This means we go together now since he keeps expressing his love for me." 😚 Then, when one of my friends went back the following day and had Chris wait on her again, he called her baby new boyfriend is a hoe. 😁😮😐😆😄

Below was at Deanie's Seafood.  Again, I ordered the oysters with a side of 2lbs of crawfish.  Add some calamari to the table and we've got ourselves a hefty meal!  What I found peculiar was the waitress bringing potatoes out to the table instead of bread.  I meant to ask her why this was but, I was distracted by all the food around me.

I have hopes that I can still recover the rest of my pictures.  Until then, le sigh.

I did not get a chance to make it to Frenchman street.  I was told this is where all the locals hang out but, I did get a moment to have some beignets! Regular and stuffed!  I love beignets!

Oh, NOLA, we shall meet again.

So, my roller-coaster of emotions when losing my phone...


Lost it Sunday evening between 8-9pm while walking back to our hotel, I didn't know until the next morning when my friends and I were piecing the night together...and oh what a night it was...

I gathered I lost my phone after 7:30pm because I can recall I had last texted a friend about a funny topic around that time.  I had a few more drinks thereafter...


10am: Okay, it's cool, I can use someone else's phone if I need to make calls.

11:15am: What do I do with my hands?

11:30am: I guess I just have to look around at people to occupy my void.

11:45am: I'm okay. I grew up in the generation of dial-up and pagers. I can get through this.

12:50pm: Welp, I can't take any photos. Just have to make a mental note.

2:05pm: I wonder what's going on in my office.

....this is when shit got real....

3:20-8pm: I have to find this phone. I can't view emails. Something important could have came through. I can't make notes on my task list. I can't even view my list! I can't message my assistant. I've not looked at my stocks all day. I can't see my money manager app, so I can't record what I'm spending and what is being deposited! Now, I have to keep my receipts! I don't feel comfortable buying anything because I cannot digitally track it; I'm out of my element. I don't know what's going into my banks and what's pending because I can't see my emails!  Furthermore, I'm not able to review any of my business accounts. I'm not getting alerts. Things could be done wrong. Clients could be calling me but, I wouldn't know because I. DON'T. HAVE. MY. PHONE!

....and then I called the person who I should have called in the first place....Daddy Dearest!

He called Sprint. Shut down the phone and arranged me to get a replacement, which I picked up last Tuesday night. I am no longer stuck on stupid, waiting for dumb. The world is good again.

*This photo was taken during my stay at Hotel Ylem in Houston.  It is a gorgeous family owned boutique hotel with so much meaning in each square footage!


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