I'll Just Meet You There

I've gotten flack from people when they ask such questions as...

If a man came to pick you up on a date in an old beat up car, would you still go on the date?

-Yes, but I'll meet him there.

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Look, I've already went through the stage of struggling and working to get better.  I do not have the patience to do that again.  I appreciate and applaud those who are overcoming adversities or obstacles but, I have went through my biggest 'growth spurts' already.  The only challenges I face now is how to improve my skills to earn more money.

Although, if you are facing tough times, should you really be dating?  Why would you want to place your burdens that are yours on to someone else?

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I am not opposed to going out and making a new friend but, if your first image to me as a man who wants to be serious in my life is an image of you coming to "date" me in Ole Unreliable...then, sir, I cannot.  The car does not have to be brand new but, it does have to get us from A to B without me praying for Traveling Grace.

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People have responded, "Maybe that's just who he is and he doesn't like fancy cars." That's fine but, it is still best to have a car that does not need to be in the shop every other weekend or he has to cancel on me because his car won't start or he has to back out on a trip because he has to pay for a new transmission.  This all goes back to being financially stable and making sure you can afford the things you have and/or want.

I am in my 30s looking forward to financial comfort and freedom.  Unless this old car is a classic that you are fixing up to have as a leisure car, then just save your money and get yourself a nice reliable vehicle.  If a man does not have this 'safety' in place then, I do not want to give time to someone who is okay with just being okay.  I cannot wait for someone to be better.  And I have no energy for someone who expects me to just go along with it

I cannot be serious with "potential" after a certain age.  I was involved with potential before.  Potential did not provide me what I wanted or needed.

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