Not My Dialogue

In my opinion, I feel there is certain dialogue that no woman should accept from a man she barley knows.  Please see the text communication below....

I was being honest and expressed that I was not comfortable or impressed with his "humor".  Before this, we had one phone conversation and he made similar statements eluding to us eventually being a couple.  That was a red flag for me, You don't know me or anything about me, so instead of just talking to me in a friendly manner and slowly learning me, you automatically dive heavy into relationship talk?  No, sir. 

There are so many other things in life to discuss to better allow me to determine what type of person you are.

Plus, his response was a bit dismissive, "Come on doll." >> ?? When did I become Doll?  And no, I did not know what his intentions were BECAUSE I DON'T KNOW THIS MAN WELL ENOUGH TO ASSESS WHAT HIS MOTIVES ARE. 

I'm also not sure what boundaries he was referring to or what relation that had to his words vs. my words.  I just continued to observed his conversation.

And honestly, some women may have gotten excited over that, because some women are looking to attach themselves or looking for that sort of attention. 😕

So, I responded in a MY unique way....

I decided to let him have the last word because he did not seem to identify the point I was attempting reach, and maybe he did not want to understand my opinion.  And okay, he was joking or being playful but, had his first conversation with me not have similar condensations, I would have just laughed along.  In his defense, what he was saying in our first conversation could have been good substance for him but, for me, it was just words to say just to say them.

Apparently, no other woman has addressed this with him or he has not met someone with my type of mindset before.  He might have been a good guy but, there were already one too many concerns.  If I ever see him again, I won't ridicule him, I'm not evil.  I'll say hi and go about my way.

 I didn't have the patience to respond to him with a thesis on how not to speak to women of a certain kind.  So, rather than me waste my time and entertain someone who is not open to understanding, I saw my exit and left it alone.

Background on how I met this young man: I was with my two girlfriends and they wanted to stop by a particular bar.  After a few drinks, I began making small talk with everyone who was within 5 ft. of me!  In the midst of this, I exchanged numbers with several people. 

For me, I do not feel it is a big deal to give my number out because I control what I say to someone and how I say it and I am clear about what I don't want.  I also control what my intentions are and I can always chose not to communicate with someone.  Yet, what I cannot control is the impressions people have of me.  And when I do give my number out, my intention is NEVER to create an instant relationship out of it.

Just because I'm friendly, don't mean I'm fast!

Ladies, don't be basic and allow a man to gas you up or distract you with frivolous talk.



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