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Thank you friends and family who have reached out in concern.  My family and I are safe.  It has been devastating to witness what is occurring in front of us.  I've reached out to volunteer groups to offer my assistance but, I cannot even get to anywhere that needs help because sections of the town are blocked off due to high water on the roads.

All I can do at this moment is donate.


Hurricane Harvey is not exiting without leaving these scars...

Photo | IG: htownfinest9

Photo by | IG gallo_potosino

Photo by | Unknown

Photo by | Unknown

These are only few of MANY tragedies all throughout Houston and surrounding areas.  Vehicles, Highways, and Homes damaged or completely submerged under water.  Families having to run to their attics and on their roofs for safety.  Some have been waiting countless hours for a rescue team. AND THERE IS MORE RAIN TO COME!

The rain started Friday night with heavier rains following, not giving any grace to those already in need of help.  But, what I MUST HIGHLIGHT is how DOPE people have been by coming together to get this city above water.  Residents, people from other cities, even other states came through!

There is some ridicule from onlookers about people not choosing to leave...

(Some petty humor for you.)
Critics: You should have left before the hurricane.
Houston: Yeah, you should have left that bi**h who keeps cheating on you, spending your money, and driving your car around while you were at work, but here we are!

Here is my real opinion for the critics: 

Where do you want 2+ million (with surrounding areas = 6+ million) people to go all at once? Highways would have been crowded leading to nowhere and putting even more people at risk.  There was no predicting the storm but, many of us prepared to STAY.

Critics are welcome to get in their boats, put on their rain boots and assist, either way we're not awaiting your assistance. You don't know these roads, the small pockets of the city, the algorithms of the highways, and the psychology of the residents. All you know is that you don't want to be a part of this.

As more reports come out and more pictures are shared, you'll see those who didn't evacuate helping neighbors, strangers and other Houstonians who are in desperate need.

Many people volunteered their equipment and time. Some traveled from neighboring states/cities, some are local residents, all with the same goal, SAVE THE PEOPLE.

Consider this...
1. Not everyone has the resources to leave. 
2. Some people stayed to assist those who are grounded here.
3. To over crowd the highways of panicked people is just as dangerous.
4. See 1-3
5. Whatever the reason they had to stay is a personal choice they took.

We don't judge. We do what we can with our powers.

We are HOUSTON strong and we WILL continue to get through this.

EMAIL: xoxo.rayal@gmail.com


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