My eldest and I have began to embark on a new journey of Vlogging (video blogging).  We already have mother/daughter talks and family discussions but, we want to record some of our small conversations to show the world that it is not only the parent who is raising the child; it is equally the child raising the parent!

Below is one of our recent clips...

My daughter is not playing with you men!

Her attitude is very much like mine, "There is just no use for them." This may be a credit to her reading my blog posts, Yes, she reads them and ALL the comments connected to them.  (Also, please know that all my posts are public and anyone can read the content.)

Sometimes my little butterfly gets the impression that I am seeing someone because of my wording...or because of some of the comments 😑.  She has yet to learn how I really am with men and learn to read deeper into my opinions...which is why I tell her not to read my stuff since she still does not fully understand my way of thinking. 

Although, in her defense...I have the children I want, I have my own income, I provide where I am responsible to, I live how I like, and the kids have more than they need, so what can a man do?

(Insert innocent looks of direct questioning.)

Yes, you can give me the argument that he can add more to our lives, True and I agree but, any man who is open and willing to give must also be open and willing to understand and be patient.

For example, if I were to come across "Mr. Right" next week and we begin to form an exclusive romantic affair...say he lives in another city, has stable finances/income, comfortable environment or living arrangements, no drama with past relationships, family oriented, wants a marriage, and asks me to relocate...

I most likely will not have an issue with his request but, he will have to be patient and understand...I will not uproot my kids in the middle of a school year.   I will not relocate if I cannot find suitable employment.  I will not make any major changes if I cannot secure myself to be his equal partner and not just his "obedient wife".  Don't get me wrong, I know my place as a wife but, my husband or potential husband needs to be my biggest supporter and stand by me as I will surely stand by him.

Until then, Houston is where we will be...

Sam Houston Monument | Memorial Park | W. RL Media

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