Storm Stop, Recovery Start

Well America, you were able to see another tragedy on this land, a tragedy given to us by Mother Nature. At the end of the storm, I found myself avoiding the news; avoiding social media.  I did not want to see the pictures of videos.  Whether the images were of people being saved or of people looking onto their loss, I could not see it anymore.  

I struggled with feeling compassion for Texas mixed with my own guilt for not losing anything.  

Yet, may people are still in good spirits.  Many companies, state programs, government entities, and civilians have come together to aid in the restoration of Houston and neighboring cities. 

After the rain stopped, I spoke with my daughter...

W. RL Media Productions

Those who want to help, it is not hard to search for a charity or nonprofit to donate money or items.  Even when I logon to my Amazon account, there is a flashing banner to donate.  Don't feel you cannot help because "you don't know who to give to". Just do it.  With many resources given to us by the world wide web, there is no reason someone cannot find the information they need to help.

Giving is more of a characteristic trait, not trend for attention and acknowledgement.



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The hurricane was a huge tragedy, one that affected a lot of people. Always trying to do what I can in terms of helping people and I hope others do the same. Hope to see more posts from you.

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