Solitary Confinement

In the past few weeks, I made some lifestyle changes.

I looked at my gluttonous habits and began to watch my food intake.  I cut down on my alcohol consumption.  Signed up for a gym and been utilizing my membership at least 45 minutes each day.  Began to plan my "self" trips for 2018...I never had a problem traveling alone or being somewhere by myself. I always seem to meet new acquaintances or make friends everywhere I go.

As far as my romantic life, men and relationships have not been a factor for some time now due to my own choices, so it is not hard to eliminate this option from my life while I embark on further advancing my lifestyle.  Yes, I've had a lover or two in the last 5 years but, no relationship came of it or even the promise of one.  Either way, I have decided not put any attention on the boys.  If a suitable one comes out of the crowd, we'll see how I feel about it at that moment.  Until then, I'll be over here eating well, exercising, traveling, preparing my children for life, growing my net worth, and minding my own business.

I am practicing solutions for my spirit and my heart to be at a steady 100%. So when life causes me to dip low, I know how to pick myself back up.

I never really had low self-esteem and I do have a healthy amount of confidence. The thing about self-esteem and confidence is that is shows in your actions, words, and overall demeanor.  If something or someone has you doubting yourself and it's not constructive criticism, then CHECK THAT FEELING AND LET. IT. GO.

If a friend or loved one tells you something that gives you a different perspective of you in order to help you see that your behavior is not healthy, that is constructive.  But, if it is just negative input or feedback that does not have any benefit for you, then the real benefit is to digress from that person and change how you interact with him/her.  I am very observant on how people act around me and towards me.

I'm blessed, I'm humbled....even though I playfully talk shit and can come off cocky or stuck up, I'm always thankful.

In a future life, I'll live just down the street from a coffee shop with great WiFi. I'll wake early, ride my bike while waving to the neighbors in their gardens. I'll walk into the shop, order my cup, sit by the window, type away on my laptop, answer calls from my children whom are away at college, send a text to a lover, book a trip that requires a passport, and just let the world pass by me...Honestly, this life is not that far from me.

Or course I cannot go on without mentioning the 7-1 EAGLES!
I do not get glued to watching games, or anything on tv for that matter but, I do follow up on the highlight reports. 

P.S. - This year for Halloween our family costume was about Police & Criminals.
Check out what we dressed as last year HERE...and read what I was talking about then. My opinions have not changes.

Costumes - Spirit of Halloween

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i am happy to see you come to a healthier lifestyle. this motivates me to cut off many unhealthy things in my life too. keep us updated with more from you

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