Something Isn't Right

I've been transparent with you guys right?  I mean, I've have been clear enough where you can somewhat see my point of view whether or not you agree with me.  Yes, there are certain parts of my personal life I will not discuss, don't take offense, even my closest friends do not know all the details of my privacy.

So let me ask,

Do you ever go about your day and just feel like...

"What am I doing here?"  

Nothing is wrong. Your professional life is good. Family is amazing. Friends are great. Personal life is drama free and you're healthy....but you still feel like some thing is not completely....right.  I've been toying with this unknown inkling for a little over a year now but, the feeling is becoming more pronounced.   I do not feel I am at a stand still in life, I know have and will continue to do great things but, "What else is out there?" and "What other opportunities await me?"

I love Houston and it has grown me in so many ways but, do I feel this will be my last home? No.  Yet, if it is, I'm fine with that, though should I not explore a bit more?  Granted I am fairly young but, I have to be careful with taking big risks because I do have 2 little humans to consider in my decision making.

As unchained as I am, why do I still feel limited?

To keep my mind active, I've been studying up on photography and videography; learning camera settings and editing tools. 

Currently, I am also working on a separate website ( that will show all my work. 



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There is a time in everyone's life that something or you can say nothing seems right and to make that right you can consult your parents for that or someone who understands you a lot.

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