It Does Not Matter Who You Are

My avid readers know that I like to venture alone most of the time.  I go out to eat, see a movie, travel, and have drinks by myself.  Occasionally I make conversation with people nearby or I am approached by someone. 

Recently, I was out enjoying a happy hour by myself and was greeted by a well known athlete.  I automatically knew who this man was before he introduced himself and I did the usual, "Hello, nice to meet you, I'm Raya."

(P.S. - I will not reveal his name, so to my friends who are reading...No, I am not going to tell you who he is.)

We began small talk and I asked the basic questions... How was your day? What brings you out?

After some time, I go into my normal mode of Okay, what do you really want sir?  Of course I did not say this but, what I did say gave him the impression that I'm not one of those women who gets excited over an athlete or even a wealthy man speaking to me.  Especially, when I know there are plenty of women probably waiting on the sideline for him to pay them some attention...I don't compete over men.

He asked me to dinner on a separate evening...
- I'm sure there are many other lovely young ladies who would like to join you. 

He offered to buy me another drink...
- No, I'm fine thank you. I'll get my own if I want another one.
(When I was ready to close out my tab, he snatched my ticket and before I could dispute his action, he said to me "Listen, if I want to do something for you, I will do it, so don't argue with me." - *This was VERY appealing to me and I almost buckled! I love for a man to take control and put me in my a respectful manner that is.)

He asked if I am free to attend a sports event/game with him.
- No, I do not need anyone taking pictures and people beginning to speculate that we are together.

He asked me for my phone number...
- Sir, I will waste your time.  There is a lot of gorgeous women here who will be more will to give their number to you, why don't you see about them?

He asked to walk me to my car...
 No thank you, I valeted. 

But, I will give him credit that he remained cordial through all of this (I KNOW my demeanor is not always friendly or welcoming.) So, applause to him for withstanding my I don't give a damn who you are attitude.

I let him know exactly what I am not looking for in my life right now and what my personal goals are.  He continued to be pleasant and wished me well.  WE DID NOT EXCHANGE NUMBERS.

Some of you may think I am crazy and you may be right.  Yes, he is a handsome man, dresses well, very charming, beautiful smile, and very successful, BUT if I am not interested, I. AM. NOT. INTERESTED.  It does not matter who you are.

In my recent post (HERE) I explained that I am making changes with my life.  I do not expect anyone to understand it but, please respect it.

If this same man comes back around in another 5 years, I may be more open to him but, I don't expect anyone to wait for me.  If a man wants to keep in contact with me to be updated every so often or to see where I am at in my plans, that's fine, I'm okay with that.  But don't pressure me, rush me, or make me feel guilty for not being available.

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