Planet of The Apes

Yes, this post is about the movie(s).
If you don't enjoy the story, move on and wait for my next post.

I recently watched War for the Planet of the Apes.  Before I move forth, reference my statements in my 2014 post about Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

"If you saw this first movie with James Franco, then you will appreciate [Dawn of The Planet of the Apes,] the first is still better, but I understood how the story line needed to proceed for the plot to be interesting.  If you watched the original Planet of the Apes movie which debuted in 1968...not the 2001 remake with Mark Wahlberg, which was good, but hard to follow and detached from original story line...then you can gather the significant purpose of the Rise of the Plant of the Apes movie in 2010; it had to begin somewhere with someone.  
I am presuming their will be another movie following this, possibly a depiction of Apes forming their own working civilizations and humans becoming the primal creatures....maybe leading back into the original story lines....hmmmm."
Full post HERE.

If you saw the recent sequel (2017), you will see that my above thoughts are coming to some truth.  Furthermore, Cesar's youngest son, Cornelius, and the mute human girl, Nova, are the characters in the 1968 original.  If the Planet of the Apes franchise continues, directors will need to explain astronauts arriving to a planet run by apes while humans are the feeble creatures. My prediction is there is a time warp into an alternate universe with the same planet Earth (similar to the Mark Wahlberg version but, better outlined.)

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