90% of Women, Is this True?

I was scrolling through my feed and saw this...

I read a few comments that followed this and saw some backlash from women and men over this statement.  Yet, I cannot be sure if Trevor Noah actually said these words and I'm not one of those people that think...It's on the internet, he musta said it! 

Whether or not he said this, I can see some TRUTH in this statement. 

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There are still a large number of women who believe it is their right or even responsibility to appease men in exchange for a "comfortable" life.  Instagram is full of beautiful women showing their "surface" to lure attention.  But men are not innocent in this either; you guys like to look as much as women like to show and there are men who are willing to spend the money to get the pretty trophy.

Keep in mind, sometimes you get what you see.

Personally, I never want to give a man the financial upper hand over me. 

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For so long now, I have subconsciously been striving to not be part of this 90%  or whatever percent the truth is.  I don't have to make more money than a man or even have the same salary but, I do have to make enough money to obtain my wants and needs.  And as for sex, if I love him and we understand one another, he'll be satisfied and that is our private business.

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I can't explain why, but I love me some Matthew.

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