Better Decisions

I really need women to make better decisions, especially those who keep making the same bad ones.  Yes, it is great to take risks but, if you know the risk is going to give you the same result, then What.The.Whole.F are your doing?  Reevaluate yourself; you cannot change others but, you can change how you react to others.  

DISCLAIMER: I'm hard on women because I know how we can be. AND because I've been the silly girl before.

I'm definitely not innocent of making bad decisions, I've made PLENTY!  But, instead of making the same ones over and over again, I had to look at myself and list what I could have done better or different.

You really cannot be mad or overly dramatic at someone else for the results of your poor decision making.  This may be hard for some people to accept because most people have "hope" for making questionable choices...and sometimes that's blind hope. 

When I was younger, my father would tell me to stop feeling sorry for myself when I was moping around the house complaining or feeling defeated.  I didn't understand why he didn't comfort me more but, now I understand it.

As I see people around me, complain and talk about how bad things are for them, I begin to do a blank stare.  Especially, with people who just need to make better decisions or just need to decide on SOMETHING and follow through!

❓ Don't like your job?
Take a class, get a certification, earn a degree, begin a business, add to your resume and move on. You think that's too much?  Then stop fckn complaining about your job! 

❓ Don't like being broke?
Well, I guess you'll need to evaluate your income vs your spending!  
This part was hard for me since I like fancy things but, I had to buckle down and set aside my money in 4 categories: Bills, savings, kids, and personal spending.  I've also opened myself to having more than one stream of income.  If I like spending, I need to be making.


❓❓ Don't like your relationship? Welp, again you can't change others but, you can change your level of happiness.  So, stop fckn acting like you're confused or don't understand why things aren't going right. Move the fck on!  Many of times, YOU are the reason for your broken heart; holding to someone who you know isn't for you.  It's like you're saying to yourself, "Okay, I'm good to get hurt again."

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And I still make bad decisions but, I make sure to not make the same one twice!
I don't have the time or the tolerance for it.

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