Being in Texas, there is not many Philadelphia Eagles fans; we're here but you'd really have to look for us.  Philadelphia fans are infamous for being "Broad Street Bullies" thanks to the Flyers circa 1972-1973 but, it wasn't just hockey players that threw punches, the fans were and are just as ruthless.  I am not saying I am proud, especially when we threw snowballs at Santa or in 1983, when we assaulted the Redskins', "Chief Zee".   We've even disrespected our own...McNabb and his mother.

No, I am not applauding any of those incidents.
But, we do talk shit even when it's unsolicited or when there is no reason to.
We are bold and we are passionate. 

Even though I am located in Houston where the Texans play, the Dallas Cowboys have a large following here...and other parts of the U.S....ehem, WHY Alabama? YOU know who you are! 😑😑

So, of course every time my Birds play the girls in blue, the trash talking is at an all high!
My father doesn't condone my word choices but, he also doesn't disagree!

And below is just a little extra pettiness for a few readers! Again, you know who you are.

Even if we go down, we go down fighting!

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