MEN Set The Tone


Let's start this year with a reminder and previous post links to this reminder; I know I've said this countless times before but since it's inevitable for people to misdirect themselves or others, let me continue to say it....

Men set the tone for a relationship because Men propose the relationship.

Let me repeat....

MEN (the ones with a penis and an Adam's apple) set the tone for a relationship because MEN propose the relationship.  *See HERE.

It's interesting the type of men who come across me these days. And the ques they don't think I pick up on or see as a red flag.  Maybe because no one has addressed it with them or they just feel they should take a shot anyway.  Who knows but, I'm going to make you aware of what I see to be an issue.

A man told me he was going through a divorce. His soon to be ex has been giving him a hard time through the trials and they have a young child.  After telling me all the details of how he feels and the type of man he is, caring, hard working, understanding of all women's wants and needs, etc., he then attempts to ask if I'd like to go out sometime. 

Really sir????

(P.S. - Men irk me when they try to explain how men are supposed to be and how good of good man they are. Sir, shouldn't  you let me find that out on my own? Don't force who you are on me, especially when I didn't ask for you to explain anything.)

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I told him I'm a different mindset in my life and not interested. I also told him it takes time and whether or not he has bad feelings towards his ex, she and their son will need time to accept and process everything. 

Had I accepted his pass, I'd be accepting that I'm going on a "date" with a MARRIED MAN since their divorce is not final yet. And from what this man has revealed, he ex is still sensitive about the divorce so I'm opening myself up to unnecessary drama. Plus, he has a young child, I would expect for the man to make sure his child gets through the divorce better than his parents before trying to pursue a new woman.  From his conversation, I gathered that he still had things he needed to figure out for himself and his divorce.  Yet, I don't think he was fully aware of that.

This is the tone he wanted to set?

If you are going to approach a woman with the intentions of something more, approach her fully free of whatever past or obstacle that may hinder you from being great for her and approach her fully prepared to accept the type of woman she is...whether or not something comes of itNot every connection is meant to be more.

Once a relationship is started, the man continues to set the tone within the union.

BUT, a woman also sets the tone for how a man treats her and behaves towards her.
See HERE and HERE.

And Women sure as hell should never, NEVER EVER, chase a man.

**And what did I do for NYE? Not a DAMN THING and LOVED IT!  I initially had a plan to head to NOLA for a last minute solo trip but, decided to stay put instead.  I stayed in, drank wine, and read a book.  As outgoing as I can be, I really love my down time more.**

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