The Newer You

You should never not be learning or bettering yourself.  Every decision you make, every path you turn to, every experience you have allows you to be "Renewed".

The way you think effects how you behave, how you live. 

You cannot keep doing the same things, keeping the same connections, reacting the same way and wanting different results...that's insanity. 

I've taken many different routes in my life and my way of thinking changed with each route.

I have learned to not be the one who "knows everything", the one who "must have the last word", the one who needs to have "all the answers", the one who "talks the most", the one who is "always defensive", the one who has to "argue my point of view".

I have learned to be humble, to listen, to receive guidance, and to deliver knowledge as I see appropriate.  You will never be able to control anyone else around you but, you can always learn to control yourself and how you view the world.  Not everyone will agree with you because how someone else understands will not be the same as how you understand but, if you are at peace with yourself, their disagreements will not affect how you continue to live.

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