Great Expectations

A man likes a fun girl but, he loves a classy woman. Well, at least the men I am attracted to.

Here is a summary of what I said in March 2015:

One of the many things I've learned in "Womanhood" is: What a man expects from you is derived from how he perceives you.  It is not just your image but, also your behavior that plays a part in how a man treats you.  How you present yourself to him is who he expects you to be. 

In my post, Grooming, I talk about being a good woman that anyone can be proud to know, especially a man who you want close to you...not to say that everything we do should be based on a man's likes or dislikes but, if you are a woman who wants a relationship, a marriage, you have to be the type of woman that your type of man wants to marry because again...they are the ones who propose marriage.  

Going back to my opening statement, the men I admire appreciate women of class.  Look, I have my no-so-classy ways but, for the most part, I maintain a good level of sophistication.  As far as image, I'll wear a high slit dress, a backless dress, or a tight dress but, I'll make sure the most of me is covered and if I decide to wear anything suggestive, it's because I feel comfortable and safe with the person I am wearing it for...You can read between those lines. 😉

I place women on a high pedestal because I know we are the better of the two sexes...this is not up for debate.  We are highly intelligent creatures but yes, sadly not all of us utilize our powers for the better.   

To achieve our greatness, we have to groom ourselves to fit the lifestyle we have or want.  Having expectations for others can be unrealistic but, having great expectations for ourselves is something we can attain.  The only way a man or anyone can take my greatness from me is if I ALLOW IT.  And if someone is taking that value from me then I have question my self-esteem, to grant a person the opportunity to strip me of my worth.

Ladies, I expect you to be amazing because you were born to be just that.

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