While many couples were preparing for a romantic night and many singles wishing their crush would call, I flew away to another country.  On the hallmark day of love, I arrived in Trinidad!

5 hours going, 6 hours coming back.  I flew both ways United, no issues with my flight and I only packed a carry-on but, be advised, Trinidad has only 1 flight coming in, 10pm AST and 1 flight going out, 1:05am AST, so planes are pretty crowded.  Immigration and Customs was also not too bad if you are traveling by yourself. 
*Helpful Tip: When traveling back to the states, download an App called, Mobile Passport, it will get you through Customs much faster. 
My round trip flight was about $550...I was flying in during a very busy time, Carnival, flight prices may differ before and after this holiday.  I stayed with a friend, so I did not need a hotel or rental car and my friend and her sister became my tour guides during my stay.
And because it was such a busy time, we did not get a chance to explore through Tobago since all the flights to the sister island were all booked.  Next time.  Yet, I still got to experience beautiful Trini!

San Fernando

San Fernando

Not only is Trinidad know for the vibrant Carnival celebration, during the Primary and Secondary school education, many of the kids learn how the island has contributed to the fuel and gas industry throughout the world....Hence, the friend I was staying with works in the industry and has worked in many different countries.

Clifton Hill Beach

Clifton Hill Beach
Carenage Bay

During my trip, I was really more involved in seeing the island than capturing many pictures but, I have already made plans to return and see more!

What I was really fascinated by was the history of how the islands were developed.  Yes, Trinidad and Tobago is an English country but, the land has heavy Spanish and French influences which you can see it in some of the older architecture in Port of Spain (Tobago has some Dutch influence).  And if you are listening closely, you can also hear French and Spanish characteristics in the language.  The people are very diverse, there is a large Indian and Asian population, which also influences a lot of the local foods.


I had Doubles, Bake and Swordfish, Curry, Pholourie, Mango Chutney, Roti, Bake and Shark, Callaloo, Kurma, Currants, Barfi, Guava, Mango Chow, Corn Soup, Fried Plantains, and I know I am missing so much more names!

Carnage Bay

In the above picture, I went kayaking for the first time.  I only had trouble getting in and out of the kayak but, once in I did pretty good and got a nice upper body work out.

Below, we stopped at a coconut vendor and got some juice.  If you cannot tell in the picture, I enjoyed it.  This is not the first time I had coconut juice straight from the source, for those who don't know, I am from Thailand and have traveled to other tropical islands; I just get excited over simple pleasures. 

Port Of Spain

Maracas  Bay

On the last adventure day, we went swimming in Maracas Bay.  The weather was great, the waves weren't overwhelming, the the beach was not crowded. 

Other things I got to enjoy:
A boat party where the DJ played Soca.
Went to a small concert and listened to a great calypso artist, David Rudder.
Had some drinks at a bar in Princes Town.

I wish I had more time but, what I missed just gives me more reason to return! 

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