What I Appreciate About 50 Shades...

I finally watched 50 Shades of Grey (1st movie) and I get it.  The powerful, attractive man, who knows what he wants and takes control.  Initially, I categorize this movie as a great marketing attempt to gain more recognition for an erotic fiction novel written for housewives who want to escape their mundane lives.  

BUT, to my surprise, there were a few things I liked about the movie and just one thing that vexed my core.

What I like about Christian Grey:
  1. He disciplined in mind and body. - He likes order but, he takes extreme measures to be discrete about his...ehem, personal affairs.  He has Ana sign an agreement not to discuss their relationship to the public.  I find this very appealing since I believed that there are parts of your personal life that should remain private and only privy to those involved. 
  2. He is well dressed. - Granted he is a wealthy business man and can afford to dress accordingly but, boy do I love a handsome man in a well fitting suit.
  3. He is a gentleman. - He seems to care about chivalry.  He made sure Ana was safe when he intervened during the night at the bar where she drank too much.  The following morning he made sure she took some pain killers and ate.  He also did not try anything while she was passed out drunk on his hotel bed.  Even the first time they met when Ana fell, he came to assist her and after sitting down at his desk he got up again to hand her a pencil (which was within her reach). 
  4. His eye contact - Every time Christian looked at Ana, he gazed at her like she was the only person in the world.  Although, his interest is on Ana, of course a man will lock focus on his interests yet, I like a man with good eye contact.
  5. He is exclusive - During the movie, we learn that Christian has never been publicly photographed with a woman and nor had his mother ever met any of this "girlfriends". - I can respect an 'Exclusive' man.  He knows he can have any woman but, isn't available to every woman and is distinguished enough to keep from tarnishing his name, image, or powerhouse.  Going back to No. 1, he is disciplined.  Although, Christian likes BDSM, he is particular who he enjoys this with.  But, let's skip the erotic part and look at him as a plain man; many men do not know how to exercise control and end up causing themselves and their relationships unnecessary problems. 

What I like about Anastasia Steele:
  1. A college student studying English Literature - I like that the author embed literature within literature.  Being a fan of Jane Austen, I can see how Ana is quickly fascinated by Christian.  We are all romantics.
  2. Ana is a Virgin - Now this is not uncommon for a 20 something to be a virgin, if you are surprised by this revelation in the movie, maybe you should take a look of your surroundings and the company you keep.  I am not saying you are a whore for not keeping your goodies sacred but, there are women who take pride in not gallivanting with every man who shows interest. Ana being a virgin fit with the sweet, innocent, coyness that Christian needed.  It also shows that Ana herself, has discipline and control.
  3. Reading the Contract - Christian gives Ana the full Dominant/Submissive Contract to look over, AND SHE DOES!  Many women would probably see the opportunity to date a wealthy man and just glance over the paperwork without reading the fine print. Not, Ana.  She requested a business meeting to go over the particulars. YES LADIES, learn to take control of what YOU WANT, I think 'contracts' should be more common with everyday relations; if you breach the agreement, you forfeit ever knowing me.  Ana and Christian go page by page of the contract while she dictates what to take out of the agreement. And to be honest, there were some terms I needed to look up...yeah, I would have requested to take those out too!
  4. Not always giving in - There are certain scenes of the movie where Ana plays distant with Christian even after they had sex.  She takes time after graduating to move to her new apartment only messaging him occasionally.  She goes to Georgia without telling him.  Meaning, she is not constantly with him or on the phone with him.  I like this, never give a man the impression that you are always available for him, especially if you are barely dating. 
  5. Ana loves Christian and still walked away - She wants to be with him but, there are secrets that Christian does not reveal to her or the audience about why he doesn't like or want to be touched or have a "normal" relationship such as sleeping in the same bed or going out on dates regularly. So, understandably she is upset that he won't open up to her which leads her to end things.  Granted they just met and you have to learn someone over time but, being that this is a move let's entertain their timeline.  I too, would end things if I felt the man was not willing to give to me as I am willing to give to him.   You can love someone and still feel the need to be away from them to protect yourself.

My 2 favorite parts of the movie where the both times Christian and Ana said "Goodbye" at the elevator.  Before the doors close, each character says one another's names: the first time when the met, their eyes locked with interest and query; the second time, their eyes locked again with pain disappointment, which leads to the one thing that bothered me about the movie....how it ended!

I felt like it was abrupt.  Like when you are climaxing and you know the moment is coming but, then something happens and everything stops and you're just laying there like WTF.  Now lets see if we get something from 50 Shades Darker....

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