Destination Disney 2018

Walt Disney World is not for the weak pockets and it is proof that the middle class is booming, with prices increasing and ride lines stretching.

This Spring Break, the kids explored 'The Happiest Place on Earth.'  This wasn't their first time, more like 5th time. Thanks to PopPop for allowing my son to dictate our family destinations.

Entry prices per park are over $100 per person with a few dollar difference between kids and adults.  Parking is up to $22 a day unless you shoveled a few more hundreds to stay at the Disney hotels or resorts (a few Benjamins a night), then you can take their courtesy transportation and skip the parking. My family usually opts for a road trip to a rental home in Kissimmee, FL where there is a nearby WAWA!  We save a few dollars skipping airfare, plus we are not limited to what we can pack with us.

Over the years that I've been visiting Disney...since 6 years old...the corporation has improved some efforts to make the experience enjoyable for everyone:

✔ Fast Pass Lines
✔ Healthy Food Options
✔ Mobile App that give you wait times
✔ Secluded Character Meets
✔ Magic Bands that are bracelets which connect to your entry cards, fast passes, and credit cards if you don't want to keep digging through your pockets and mistaking one card for the other. (See my post in 2016 when we were last at Disney, HERE.)

Yet, the Fast Pass Options only allows 3 at a time and you do your selections in advance (some rides you may need to select 2 months in advance and even then you may not get a PF), plus it can be 2-3 hours between your FP ride times.

Your options while you wait are, eating, shopping, waiting in stand by lines for 45-180 mins, or mindlessly wander the park and make small talk with other families who are wearing NFL EAGLES paraphernalia...there were MANY of us there this week!

Oh and you can't miss the fireworks show at the Magic Kingdom. Be sure to make way to a good viewing spot 1-3 hours before the show, otherwise you are elbow to elbow with people whom are tired and trying to appease their children by shoving them through the tiny cracks in the crowd.

With the Magic Kingdom being the most popular of the parks, it is crowded much of the time but, if you want to skip the castle my other suggestions are:

Epcot: Go see the different countries, the food is still catered to American pallets but, the design of each area is something to enjoy.  You can see China, Norway, United Kingdom, France, Morroco, Canada, Italy, Germany, Japan, Mexico, and China.

Animal Kingdom: See the colorful parrots flying freely over your head. Watch the monkeys swing through the wind. Take a ride through the safari and capture pictures of the roaming animals. There is a new Avatar section but, the rides are 1:30-2 hours wait time, we could not get a Fast Pass for the Virtual Reality ride, that option was booked more that 2 months out!

Hollywood Studios (formerly MGM Studios): My favorite ride of all the parks is here, Tower of Terror. I remember one year, my sister and I went back to back on this ride 6 times! Back when the lines were tolerable. Other rides to consider are Star Wars which also hosts a life interactive show for the kids, the Toy Story conglomerate has a new section, and don't forget the Muppets 3D Show!

Disney wasn't always over-packed, as I mentioned, my kids and I have been to the parks many times prior and the wait times were not that bad.

If you go, remember to eliminate your food and souvenir budget and also remember the 2 Ps: Planning and Patience!

Planning: Map out your day, get fast passes if you can. Utilize the Disney app to find wait times for other rides.

Patience: There's a lot of people and excited children. If you can't people, you shouldn't be here.

All and all the trip is for kids and kids at heart.  There are many attraction in Disney that I still love and like to see each time we go.

Spring Break: DONE 
Stay tuned for my next trip to New Orleans and Atlanta in May.

See other photos on my IG.

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