Gold Digging Clarified

This is one of the funniest statements I've ever heard! It's mean but, here is perspective...and read fully before catching an attitude towards me thinking I'm being arrogant or stuck-up.

In high school and a little time afterwards, "Call Center" jobs were the ones to get.(Mainly with credit card companies.) If you remember MBNA, you were the business if you worked there. I worked there and I worked at Discover Card at different times. At a young age this was considered a good job; reasonable hours, good benefits, and you can earn commission if you get the caller to purchase some type of protection plan or program.

Fast forward to the present, the salary of an average call center representative cannot afford 85% of my lifestyle.  I cannot speak for everyone but, much of the middle class home has graduated to the upper middle class status and expenses have only increased.

This is not about "Call-Center Salaries" I have nothing against call center jobs nor is this about making 6 figures a year, a person can still do well with 50K-65K is they manage their money well.  

No. This is about men who automatically think a woman is looking for his finances to be well endowed.  Yes, it is good for a woman to know whether or not you can handle your own expenses and if she were to be added to your life, could you afford both of your expenses?  Not assuming she does not have her own income. I know several women who could spend thousands without blinking, they just choose to live humbly. 

Sir, analyze your salary before making this assumptions of a woman's intentions for your bankroll.  Sitchoass down.

P.S. I don't come across men like this anymore, my last laugh at this was in my early 20s. Yet, that is not to say after 30 everyone has their shit together.  I'm still trying to balance all the dynamics of my life but, one thing I have learned about myself is that I am not going to allow a man to believe that I need him to survive.  NO SIR.  If you are stable under your own definition, that's wonderful but, don't think that every woman is trying to benefit off your stability.

Then again if we refer to "traditions", a man is expected to be stable enough to take care of a wife, home, and family.  Sometimes men, whom are actually well off, just attract women who want to be taken care of.  I guess it all depends on what a man sees suitable for him.  If his mentality is very traditional then my argument is really directed to those who have a conflict with what they classify as materialistic women.  But then don't be a materialistic man with a materialistic attitude.  Especially if your lifestyle is all smoke and mirrors.

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