What Do You Want To Eat?

Men, don't give us this option, okay?  Know what YOU want to eat and just take us to the restaurant.  I understand you may want to be considerate and allow us to pick what we like but honestly, you need to take the lead on this one.  

The only time you should ask a woman where or what she wants to eat is if you know she has a specific taste for something, she is on a restricted diet, or she has certain food allergies. But with ME....just put me in the car and go.  I'll find something I like on the menu. 

Asking me what I want to eat is like telling me to go to DSW and only pick out 1 pair of shoes....it ain't happening.  

Sometimes women just need to be told instead of asked, respectfully. 

If my attire isn't appropriate or if I am under-dressed for where we are going, tell me to go change, respectfully.  Two people should represent each other well in demeanor and appearance.

If I am being pretentious or standoffish, tell me to check my attitude, respectfully. (But also check to make sure I'm okay. In most scenarios I still conduct myself tastefully, yet there can be times where you just need to talk to me.)

If we are out and I am starting to cause a scene, pull me aside and tell me to simmer down, respectfully. (You may just need to get me home, I doubt I'll listen very well if I'm at this stage.)

A woman should know her place as much as a man should know his and both should be aware of each other's boundaries.  If I am just completely unreasonable, I don't not expect a man to put up with it.  I may be upset if he walks away but, then I need to read why he chose to distance himself.

As strong as women can be, sometimes we need a more dominate presence to keep us poised and demure. Manhandle us without putting your hands on us...Well, if you have to pick me up and carry me out to the car because I was ready to hop a table and strong arm someone, yeah...I accept you doing that.

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