Family Woman

Mother of 2.

I have made a firm decision that I WILL NOT birth any more children.
And given my lovely personality, it is safe to say I do not have a high risk of having more babies...

^^ I never actually said this to anyone who approached me because I never allow the conversation to get this personal but, if it does....I said what I said.  

I mean, look at my babies, why should I produce more?  Even if the "perfect man" comes along and allows me everything I want BUT, he wants more children...NO.  He will be asked to leave, Immediately!

If he already has children, I'm fine with that if the kids are school aged.  I love small babies but, I do not want to start over or deal with lingering feelings of the mother and/or father.  And if there is unresolved issues with the previous relationship, that will need to be cleared and understood before I agree to move forth with a man.  I WILL NOT accept anyone else's drama into my life or my children's lives.  Fix that shit or leave.

 My children and I have created a nice little environment for ourselves.  We hang out, we talk, we play, we explore.  We get each other.  I know this is odd to say because they are my kids and it should be innate for us to coexist well, but I'm not the traditional PTA attending, bake cookies, soccer mom.  

I also do not micro-manage my kids.  I set the expectations and give them the guidance to meet those expectations. But, I also listen to my children and we discuss what is practical and best for them to progress.  If they fall short then I fall short and therefore, I need to do better with my communication.

I may direct my kids to do well in school but, I also explain why academics are important.  Below is an image after my daughter received a certificated noting her induction into the National Junior Honor Society.  I must be doing something right

To say that I am proud is an understatement.  I know she is capable of amazing things.  Both of my babies are.  So trust me when I tell you...You will not f*ck shit up for us.

(I am wearing heels, my daughter is as tall as I am. 😐😑)

My kids and I still have a long road together and we are going to make the most of every speedbump! 

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