Not Equal

Men and Woman are really not equal.

What I expect of a woman is far different than what I expect of a man.

Society paints a man to be chivalrous, open doors, pick up the check, fix things around the house, be the driver.  I agree to all of this and although, I personally expect every man to have this mindset, I don't think the same behaviors for a woman.  Isn't it odd to think a woman should open a door for a capable man?  And what's a man really worth if he can't fix minor things?

Let's be ALL THE WAY REALISTIC, society still sees a woman as the secondary of the household, so the standard and the expectations of a woman is NOT the same of a man.

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Of course I feel that a woman has the capability to provide for, manage, and maintain her home without a man but, I am still NOT a man.

If I decide to welcome a man into my life, to my family, to my children, then I do expect him to be that masculine presence.  Take out the trash, mow the grass or pay the yard people, make sure my car gets an oil changed and the breaks fixed.

One thing I am not ashamed to admit is that I know nothing when it comes to what is wrong with a car or what it needs, except for oil changes - only because my car tells me so.  But, anytime I go in for the routine oil change, I always get a 'suggested' repair list.  When this happens I usually decline and call my father later to ask his opinion.  Although, there have been times when I called my father in front of the service tech and put the call in speaker phone.  My husband will take over this role

Moving on, how does this translate in business?  

Men tend to get the upper hand because the are seen a stronger of the two sexes.  They are seen as closers, as deal makers, the head of the meeting because their minds do not attach to emotions like a woman's mind does. 

Yes, men have and show emotions but, they connect and disconnect them when needed or when convenient for them.  The only time a man's emotions should remain connected is when he is married or in a relationship that is important to him.  

Many women cannot easily disconnect.  We are not normally engineered that way.  We hold on to things that are not good or healthy for us because of our emotions.  This makes us a liability.  This makes us unpredictable...especially for a single woman in business.  We are either seen as the ball busting bitch or the woman who cannot be given a higher position because her "emotional infractions" wont' allow it.

Yet, in the passed few years, Women have making history in business, THEIR OWN BUSINESSES, because we are getting tired of being passed over for the elevated positions or only being offered positions that the general opinion depicts as being more 'fit' for women.

Okay, we'll take the positions that are more fit for us and turn around to make it more lucrative than what the world expected us to earn.

But, we'll still pay a man to do the manual labor.
Then call my dad or husband on speakerphone when the laborers are trying to get over!

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