Let's Not Waste Our Time

"How long is forever?...

....Sometimes, just a second."

- Lewis Carroll

At church, a guest speaker stated, "What you have today, you traded time for."

This thought stuck with me since I consider 'Time' to be a man-made entity used to organize our duration here.  Time is really all we have, all we truly own.  You can make the most of it or you can make the least of it....but, let's not waste it. 

I get so bothered when I hear women (and sometimes men) vent about people they are "dating"...Why are you wasting YOUR TIME and giving him undeserved grace?

All these GREAT men out here and you wanna waste your free time with that clown? 🙄  How long have you known him? What has he shown you in that time? And how much did you "overlook" to see if maybe he may be a "good one"? 😶

If you have common ties together (children, business, housing, a proposal, etc.) then it's not always as simple to break away...you must plan your escape in these cases... BUT, if there is nothing you possibly need to seek lawyers about, WALK AWAY, WALK SWIFTLY AWAY! 🏃🏽‍♀️  Keep in mind, the type of man you have...or think you have...says a lot about the type of woman you are. 🤐

I went through years of not being "great" because of who I choose to keep ties with. At my age, we're too old to be going in circles with those who don't bring balance and value. Leave the running for the kids. I'm cruising. 😏

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