On Read

"I know you saw my text...

...I did, yet..."

I don't mind someone setting up their text messages to see if the recipient has seen the message BUT, don't question me if I do not respond. 

I have a whole entire life which a person has a part of, that part may be big or it may be small, but it is only a portion of my life.  Unless you are my child or there is something that needs immediate attention, I am VERY GUILTY of not responding to text and or phone calls. 

Once you send a message, it is no longer in your control.  You can either be patient or go about the next task in your day.  You cannot dictate when and how someone responds to you.  You can however, learn the people you are reaching out to and decide how to contact this person if you need a rapid response, or not waste your time at all.  Otherwise, don't count the days, hours, minutes, and seconds of someone's mute attention to you. 

I more frequently hear, "I texted him last week and he hasn't text me back!"...Okay, so what have you done in the meantime aside from harping about his unresponsiveness?"  "Does it make you feel insecure when you don't get a reply?" "Why does it make you so uneasy?" "If there is a trust issue or a dependability issue, you must have a lot of time to waste by harping over someone who may not have or want to make time for you."

Remember: YOU are the reason for your emotional distress as much as YOU are the reason for your emotional protection and well-being.

What did Eleanor Roosevelt once say? 
"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent."

And in my opinion, when you set your messages up to see if it was read, you gave your consent; Consent to be validated, consent to be in a good mood, consent to be disappointing, consent to be upset. WHY allow someone to have that hold over you?

Unless there is a business matter or the recipient and I are in a committed relationship...
No response? I'm good Luv, enjoy!

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