Raya Laephuang
Pen Name 'Raya L. Sun'

I'm just a girl from Thailand who became a woman in the states.....

I started this blog in 2008, but it was not until 2012 was when I truly began to invest more time into my website.  Why? Well, I made a big change in my life and have shifted my energy to being.....HAPPY!  I am now living in Houston and I am experiencing all that it has to offer.  When I first moved here, I did not know anyone other than my family and to keep busy in between work and home, I started just doing simple blog posts about my personal style, but as I started to settle into this new city and ventured out, this blog blossomed along with myself.  Houston is a huge city and there are vast opportunities to live good and be well here.  

I am grateful to have found employment within one month of moving here and being about rebuilding my stability while continuing to grow.  I go out, socialize, meet new people, learn new foods, and get my children exposed to new activities.  All my experiences have been bleeding through my posts and I am enjoying all the great feedback received through my emails and other social outlets.  

In early 2013, I joined a women's social group with the intention of just making new friends; fast forward to today, I have made amazing connections, met some great people, and becoming more aware and comfortable with who I am and who I am becoming.

Cheers to that.

Email: xoxo.rayal@gmail.com