Raya L.

I'm just a girl from Thailand who became a woman in the states.....

I started this blog in 2008 but, it was not until 2012 was when I truly began to invest more time into my website.  
Why? Well, I made a big change in my life and shifted my energy to being.....HAPPY!  Relocating from the northeast, I am now living in Houston and taking in all that this city has to offer.  

When I first moved here, I did not know anyone other than my family.  To occupy my time in between work and home, I started doing simple blog posts about personal style but, as I started to settle into this new city, venture out, and meet new people, this blog blossomed along with myself.  Houston is a huge city and there are vast opportunities to live good and be well here.  

I am grateful to see and experience the way my journey has played out thus far.  I have met so many interesting people, made great connections, and have really found a 'home' here in Texas.  I do not know if my journey will keep me here but, if I learned anything over the years, it is to be open and optimistic about change.

Cheers to that.


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