Look through some of the beauty products I've tried out!

Jojo's Jerky

While in Vegas, I stumbled upon Jojo's Jerky and I picked up a dry rub called "Triple Threat". (You know I love my spice!)

I had to try this dry rub on my Lemon Pepper Honey Wings

Oh. My. Damn! The flavor is everything. I love the spiciness of the dry rub and with lemon/honey flavor, it give is good balance and not at all overwhelming. It's too spicy for my son but, my daughter almost finished off all the wings without allowing my sister to get a taste! 😎🔥


I finally tried the charcoal mask I kept seeing all over Facebook and Instagram!

I searched for the product and found a selection from different companies. I chose the one with the most and best reviews. When I received my order, nothing was in English...(as I expected since it was coming from Asia.)

I did only a portion of my face; my nose, chin, and around my mouth.

Leave it on for 30-40 minutes.

WARNING!!! >> When it's time to peel the mask, IT WILL HURT! 😲...and the sound it makes while taking it off is amusing! 😂

I was not fond of the smell when applying the mask but, since the product did what it was expected to do, the smell is tolerable.

I am amazed how well it cleaned out my pores!

I will be using this again, adding it to my beauty regimen!

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