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Destination Disney 2018

Walt Disney World is not for the weak pockets and it is proof that the middle class is booming, with prices increasing and ride lines stretching.
This Spring Break, the kids explored 'The Happiest Place on Earth.'  This wasn't their first time, more like 5th time. Thanks to PopPop for allowing my son to dictate our family destinations.
Entry prices per park are over $100 per person with a few dollar difference between kids and adults.  Parking is up to $22 a day unless you shoveled a few more hundreds to stay at the Disney hotels or resorts (a few Benjamins a night), then you can take their courtesy transportation and skip the parking. My family usually opts for a road trip to a rental home in Kissimmee, FL where there is a nearby WAWA!  We save a few dollars skipping airfare, plus we are not limited to what we can pack with us.
Over the years that I've been visiting Disney...since 6 years old...the corporation has improved some efforts to make the experience enjoyable…

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