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Stone Cold

The funny thing about interacting with others is that you can never tell what the other is thinking or what their true intentions are.

We live in "Self" world where love doesn't hold the same meaning for everyone.
Just because someone says they love me, doesn't mean they understand love the same way I understand it. Further more, if someone loves me, doesn't mean I love them the same way or even love them at all.  And if you love me beyond a friend but, still do not want to exclusively date me, Then you must be stuck on stupid if you expect me to accept that!  Take that bullshit to the next one, because I ain't playin' witcha dumbass! (P.S. - This is not happening in my current life, I'm just making a statement.) 
One of my friends always tells me, "Raya, you're cruel on the boys who love you." My response is usually, "I never asked them to. They knew I wasn't going to love them back."
Once I identify what is not a benefit…

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