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A Two Household Marriage

So I knew I was not the only one, I also knew I was not crazy for thinking what I think...
There ARE marriages where the Husband and Wife live in two separate homes!
Reference my 2015 post HERE

I stumbled upon 2 separate stories of  2 women whom have been married for more than 5 years and they live separate from their husbands...AND IT WORKS! One couple only lives down the street from each other, while another lives in two separate cities.  And I am most certain there are more marriages similar to this.

Although, what really touched my soul about both stories is that the WOMEN requested this arrangement because they wanted to continue to have their space! AND the Husbands cover the expenses for both homes!

Okay, okay...let me get myself together.
And let's be clear, What is ideal for one marriage may not be ideal for another.
The only reason this type of marriage is a thought for me is not because I cannot live with someone else but, because of the woman I have become and the typ…

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