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While many couples were preparing for a romantic night and many singles wishing their crush would call, I flew away to another country.  On the hallmark day of love, I arrived in Trinidad!

5 hours going, 6 hours coming back.  I flew both ways United, no issues with my flight and I only packed a carry-on but, be advised, Trinidad has only 1 flight coming in, 10pm AST and 1 flight going out, 1:05am AST, so planes are pretty crowded.  Immigration and Customs was also not too bad if you are traveling by yourself.  *Helpful Tip: When traveling back to the states, download an App called, Mobile Passport, it will get you through Customs much faster.  My round trip flight was about $550...I was flying in during a very busy time, Carnival, flight prices may differ before and after this holiday.  I stayed with a friend, so I did not need a hotel or rental car and my friend and her sister became my tour guides during my stay. And because it was such a busy time, we did not get a chance to explor…

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