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Dear Men....and Women

Dear Men,

Let's not think I'm just here being a man-hater, I love you fellas, and trust me, I defend you guys more than you'll ever know, but I can't save you! 

I get it, you don't understand why women are so emotional and always want to talk through things. You guys aren't built that way. I hate that shit too.

I get it, you don't understand why she's gets upset when you never asked her to be your girl and you're out there having your fun with other sweethearts. 
I get it, you don't understand why she's not answering your calls when she's finally realized you weren't ready and moved on to someone who was.
Look Son... Yes, I'm calling you my son because you're just as childish as many of my female colleagues... Son, don't play with these females. Be up front with your intentions, I'm serious.  Treat it like business, lay out what you want and what you can accept.  If she agrees and behaves accordingly, great.  BUT YOU STI…

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