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Family Woman

Mother of 2.

I have made a firm decision that I WILL NOT birth any more children. And given my lovely personality, it is safe to say I do not have a high risk of having more babies...

^^ I never actually said this to anyone who approached me because I never allow the conversation to get this personal but, if it does....I said what I said.

I mean, look at my babies, why should I produce more?  Even if the "perfect man" comes along and allows me everything I want BUT, he wants more children...NO.  He will be asked to leave, Immediately!
If he already has children, I'm fine with that if the kids are school aged.  I love small babies but, I do not want to start over or deal with lingering feelings of the mother and/or father.  And if there is unresolved issues with the previous relationship, that will need to be cleared and understood before I agree to move forth with a man.  I WILL NOT accept anyone else's drama into my life or my children's lives.  Fix that shit o…

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