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Not Equal

Men and Woman are really not equal.

What I expect of a woman is far different than what I expect of a man.
Society paints a man to be chivalrous, open doors, pick up the check, fix things around the house, be the driver.  I agree to all of this and although, I personally expect every man to have this mindset, I don't think the same behaviors for a woman.  Isn't it odd to think a woman should open a door for a capable man?  And what's a man really worth if he can't fix minor things?
Let's be ALL THE WAY REALISTIC, society still sees a woman as the secondary of the household, so the standard and the expectations of a woman is NOT the same of a man.

Of course I feel that a woman has the capability to provide for, manage, and maintain her home without a man but, I am still NOT a man.
If I decide to welcome a man into my life, to my family, to my children, then I do expect him to be that masculine presence.  Take out the trash, mow the grass or pay the yard people, mak…

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